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About ADMH Community

Community Platform for Healthcare

As health and holistic wellbeing take centre stage in our lives, healthcare marketing has also grown in importance as the sector rapidly evolves and explores new opportunities in a world where the power of digital technology plays an integral role for driving growth and business success.

ADMH is a community platform focused on helping healthcare professionals leverage digital for their practice and healthcare facilities.

It also aims to help the healthcare and wellness industry harness the power of digital and social media for growth.

InnoServ Group Strongly believes in the power of building community networks which facilitates bringing people together for learning, knowledge sharing, collaborating and networking. The group has invested heavily in setting up large multi-dimensional initiatives and have earned market attention and respect for its initiatives. The first community was launched by the group focussing on academia in 2014 and is now operating as a full-fledged networking platform known as ASMA. Having tested its model with ASMA which has grown as complete platform, the group then launched Healthcare focussed community initiative called ADMH in 2019. The group is committed to grow and build its community initiative further with launch of two more communities in 2020 – DigitalHR (a HR focussed community initiative) and SMX Network (the next generation network of global sales and marketing professionals).


A Global Community Platform for Academia
Adoption of Social Media in Academia (ASMA) is an online platform which helps higher education institutes and universities harness the power of digital and social media for growth. ASMA has gained lot of appreciation and accolades.

Digital HR

Community Platform for HR Professionals

DigitalHR is a community established by the InnoServ Group of Companies and has Digital Transformation of the HR domain at its core. It is the ultimate platform for HR Professionals to understand and leverage the power of Digital.

SMX Network

A Global Community Platform for Sales and Marketers

The SMX Network will emerge as one of the unique platforms for the enablement of the sales and marketing professionals. Many digital interventions are changing the way sales and marketing professionals performing their roles.



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